We Are Mongo Holdings

Mongo Holdings is the private investment entity of the Barry and Gail Bierenbaum Family Office located in Atlanta, GA. Mongo Holdings specializes in investing across real estate, private loans, digital assets, private equity, venture capital, and real assets. Our size enables us flexibility in customizing timely investments and solutions.

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Our Mission

At Mongo Holdings, we set an ethical example. We believe in getting business accomplished efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to engage all stakeholders and give back to our community.

Mongo Holdings Core Values

Respect for Others

We believe in the golden rule.  Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Respect is the foundation of our business, and the reason for our success.  We believe we are respected in the industry because we always show respect to others.  Giving respect is the easiest way to gain respect in our business.

Do the Right Thing

We are firm believers in doing the right thing.  The right thing is almost never the easy thing, or the popular thing.  But, we pride ourselves on our ethics and hard work.

Give Back

Giving back has always been our ultimate goal.  We have worked very hard to get where we are today.  We are at a point where we can give back, so we do.  We look at our community, those working hard, those in need, and we help whenever and however we can.

Listen and Respond

There is a difference between listening and just waiting for your turn to talk.  We believe that it is so important to hear what others have to say before responding.  We believe that everybody deserves to be heard so that we can respond appropriately and address all components being discussed.

Lead by Example

With 100+ years of experience, our reputation speaks for itself.  We approach all decisions as opportunities to build our business and continue to lead by example.

Results Driven

In business we understand that time is of the essence.  We take our time to ensure that things are done correctly, but take our deadlines seriously.  We are driven by results because that is what we will always provide for our customers.

Meet the Team

Barry Bierenbaum
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman
Headshot of Barry Bierenbaum, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of Mongo Holdings
Gail Bierenbaum
Headshot of Gail Bierenbaum, Chairwoman of Mongo Holdings
Grant Jaax
Headshot of Grant Jaax, CIO of Mongo Holdings
Randall Foster
Real Assets Portfolio Manager & CRO
Headshot of Randall Foster, Real Assets Portfolio Manager & CRO at Mongo Holdings
Germán Estrada
Headshot of Germán Estrada, CFO of Mongo Holdings
Sarah Cain
Investment Operations Associate
Headshot of Jennifer Petry, Executive Assistant at Mongo Holdings
Josh Horwitz
Summer Intern
Headshot of Josh Horwitz, Intern at Mongo Holdings

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