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We buy and sell convenience store, multi-family, self-storage, industrial, marina, office and hotel properties through our wholly owned subsidiary Taylor Mercantile. Our focus is on triple net leases with consistent and predictable cash flows

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"I have completed multiple successful transactions with Taylor Mercantile. I have found them to be honest, responsive and very easy to work with. They have always delivered exactly what they say they will, and I would highly recommend working with Grant and his team."

Andrew Fein

Rhino Capital Partners LLC

RVictory 2 LLC - Member

"My loans with Taylor Mercantile enabled my business to purchase an Exxon convenience store property in a high growth location and build two buildings for our food franchises. Taylor Mercantile shared my long-term vision and enabled us to quickly close on opportunities."

Tushar Patel

Royal Exxon Investment Ltd Co - Owner

RVictory 2 LLC - Member

“For any start-up organization, the biggest hurdle is always having enough initial capital to quickly scale. Taylor Mercantile was a great solution for our business because they gave us access to capital at favorable terms, quickly and stress free.”

Robby Gulri

Freeway Stores AK LLC - CEO

RVictory 2 LLC - Member

"I sincerely appreciate working with Tayler Mercantile and its high level of service and professionalism. Also, I loved an easy closing process over a short timeframe. I will always use Taylor Mercantile for future financial needs."

Ritesh B. Patel

RVictory 2 LLC - Member

RVictory 2 LLC - Member

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